Whimsy and playfulness often find their way into my work.  I like to create magical places, give viewers hints of further possibilities and encourage them to make up their own stories. I create tension and interest by juxtaposing elements and materials in new and unexpected ways.  

Much of the work is purposefully enigmatic.  Strange, but delightful spaces where one's imagination can roam.   


Heavenly TreeUnfathomableCloudy with a Chance of RainTranquil Retreat 2Blue MoonOutlandish NotionsFanciful MemoriesOne Mystery Taking Hold of AnotherSpacewalkSeillansRed HouseGood NeighborsSomewhere Hidden and QuietDon't Fence Me InDreamscapeIn the PinkCloudy with a Chance of Rain 2Floating HomesRunning with the WindSailing to ByzantiumTranquil Retreat 1Balancing Act 1Hints of Further PossibilitiesOuter BanksSuspendedWinter Moon